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Read this article from Andrew Lih about a protestor’s Facebook account being shut down after made known her plans for her protest with Tibetan flags during the Olypic torch rely…

I mean WOW… i didn’t know that facebook has such a function… I mean, how on earth can someone cut an individual’s account just like that?! she wasn’t posting porn or something offensive and i mean, we are living in a world of free speech. What she’s rallying is her own beliefs and garnering support of the like-minded… Sorry.. its pretty unbelievable to me man.. Yes, its not new for sites to be filtered. You can even buy filtering softwares online, but can you actually block someone’s account wo even proving if that person’s a jerk or psycho?!

If thats the case, the president of United States can block pple protesting over the Iraq War technically right? Does anyone know exactly how this works? I’m pretty perturbed by this honestly..

Think about it, we can actually get kicked out of WordPress by saying “We support Tibet! Shame on China!”…

Our very first post! Well, the gals, Chole, Surekha and I will be posting nidbits of interesting articles, stats, findings etc on internet filering in Asia periodically and we will be discussing our thoughts on them.. Its kinda like an experient to see how much of information is actually filtered in Asia, how much do we, Asians, actually see and read on the internet.. (I know for one, that pornographic sites is heavily regulated in SIngapore)

To put things rather crudely, internet filtering is simply a euphemism for internet censorship. Will it might not be prevalent in the western civilization, it is pretty common here in Singapore… The recent China-Tibet debacle as well as the Mynmar incident that occured a few months back are all haunting reminders of not believing everything that you read online..

So the 3 gals shall start posting really soon and see what interesting results we derive…


August 2020